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REBOTEC Waterproof is a powder admixture for waterproofing concrete and mortars. REBOTEC nanoparticles react with cement during the hydration process, utilising natural mineral substances to block the capillary network, repel water, and provide a high level of impermeability to concrete or mortar.

REBOTEC Waterproof is 100% mineral, non-toxic, non-polluting and safe to touch without the need for additional PPE.


When using REBOTEC Waterproof as an additive to your concrete, the finished concrete product repels water and becomes truly non-porous. As long as the integrity of the concrete structure remains intact, there is no degradation in the water-proof qualities of the finished product for its intended life-span. 

Rebotec: Hydroreppelency test

This test shows that by adding REBOTEC onto a finger it creates a protective barrier, so strong, that after it has been submerged in water, when removed, the finger remains completely dry.

Humidity in buildings and Rebotec

The test shows when Rebotec is combined with sand and submerged in water, it makes the mixture water repellent. Demonstrating how the product acts with the cement, mortar etc

Rebotec: crack test

In this precast made with sand, cement and Rebotec you will see how Rebotec will repel water even when the structure has cracks.

Rebotec: surface tension test

Do you know you can make sand float? In this video you will see how this is possible.

Rebotec and competitors : Fire Test.

In this video you will see a fire test on Rebotec and two of its competitors. As you will see has a great resistance to adverse

conditions (both fire and water)

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