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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here, we've compiled a list of answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our valued customers and visitors. Our aim is to provide you with quick, clear, and helpful information about our products, services, and policies. Whether you're curious about product features, shipping information, or our return policy, you'll find concise answers here. We hope this section will enhance your experience and provide the insights you need. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please feel free to contact us directly – we're here to help.

  • What are the primary ingredients of Rebotec Waterproofing powder additive?
    The main components are: Silicon dioxide, Portland cement, calcium hydroxide, and mineral base A (trade secret).
  • Can you provide details on how the additive interacts with concrete and mortar to enhance waterproofing?
    Rebotec Waterproofing is an insoluble water-repellent powder additive, which interacts with concrete or mortar through stable chemical bonds forming a barrier of electrostatic "micro-umbrellas" inside the pores and capillaries, which, by polar difference, repel water.
  • What specific properties does the additive impart to the concrete or mortar in terms of waterproofing?
    It becomes an integral part of the concrete, resulting in a sturdy and durable structure: Allows the concrete to breathe. It is non-toxic (ABNT NBR 12170:2017: Waterproofing materials – Determination of water potability after contact). Increases the durability of concrete. Permeability reducing additive for hydrostatic conditions. Zero VOC – The powdered product contains zero volatile organic compounds and is safe to use both outdoors and in confined indoor spaces.
  • How does Rebotec Waterproofing work?
    REBOTEC Waterproofing is a powder additive specifically designed to waterproof concrete and mortars. This product is non-toxic and has anti-mold and antibacterial properties, ensuring that the concrete remains breathable and water-repellent throughout its entire lifespan. It is used at a proportion of 4% relative to the weight of the cement, regardless of the weight of the aggregate. During the mixing or whipping process, REBOTEC Waterproofing reacts with the cement, penetrating its matrix and altering its polarity, which makes the material hydrophobic.
  • What are Rebotec's standout features?
    It becomes an integral part of the concrete, resulting in a resistant and durable structure. Allows the concrete to breathe. Non-toxic, according to ABNT NBR 12170:2017. Increases the durability of concrete – for the concrete's life. Permeability reducing additive for hydrostatic conditions. The powder product contains zero volatile organic compounds and is safe for use both outdoors and in confined indoor spaces. Does not contain chloride in its formula, preventing corrosion of the concrete's structural reinforcement. Makes the walls less prone to heat or cold transmission.
  • How is Rebotec Waterproofing applied to concrete and mortar mixtures?
    Rebotec Waterproofing must be added to concrete at the time of concrete production. The sequence and addition procedures vary according to the type of operation, plant, and equipment. Ready-Mix Concrete: The aggregates, cement, and water should be mixed in the plant according to the usual procedures (taking into account the amount of water that has already been poured into the concrete mixer truck). Pour the Rebotec gradually into the truck flask and mix for at least 20 minutes to ensure a homogeneous distribution of the Rebotec in the mix.
  • Are there any compatibility issues with Rebotec Waterproofing and the commonly used concrete and mortar mixes?
    No. There may be incompatibility with certain additives used together with mortar or concrete, such as air fillers and some plasticizers. The indicated plasticizer is carboxylate ether.
  • What are they recommended ratios or dosages of the additive to achieve optimal waterproofing performance?
    The recommended ratio is 2 kg of Rebotec Waterproofing for each 50 kg bag of cement, i.e., 4% of the cement mass used in the mix.
  • Does Rebotec Waterproofing act as a clear waterproofing material, or does it primarily fill pores in concrete to reduce water movement?
    Rebotec waterproofing is a water-repellent additive that operates within the pores and microcracks of concrete, filling them and repelling water through electrostatic repulsion, providing effective moisture protection.
  • Can Rebotec Waterproofing be used in regions where temperatures reach 60°C in the summer?
    Rebotec Waterproofing remains fully functional at these temperatures, ensuring its effectiveness even under extreme heat conditions.
  • Can you share any test data or performance evaluations demonstrating the effectiveness of the additive in waterproofing applications?
    Yes, below. Plus the lab tests that can be sent. Below is a test carried out with concrete specimens with the addition of 4% of Rebotec Waterproofing taken from a construction site in the city of Luiz Alves – SC. A total of 4 specimens and one without the addition of Rebotec Waterproofing(CP 0) were collected. The graph shows the waterproofing efficiency of the specimens with Rebotec Waterproofing compared to the one without additive (CP 0) for 72 hours according to the ABNT NBR 9779 standard.
  • Is there a guarantee period?
    While we have full confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our products, we currently do not offer a guarantee due to the variable nature of their application and use by consumers. Our products are designed to perform exceptionally under recommended conditions and when used according to our guidelines, which includes proper quantities and application methods. However, we cannot control the variability of their application once they leave our hands, including factors such as adherence to the specified quantities, correct preparation, and application processes, crucial for achieving the desired results. We trust our customers to follow these guidelines closely to get the best out of our products, but due to these variables outside of our control, offering a blanket guarantee is not feasible. Rest assured, we stand by the quality and performance of our products and are committed to providing comprehensive guidance to ensure successful application.
  • What is the expected lifespan or durability of the waterproofing effect provided by the additive?
    Concrete lifespan.
  • Are there any environmental factors or conditions that may affect the performance of the additive over time?
    Application temperature above 4 ºC. Do not apply on release surfaces. Examples: paints, oils, asphalt blanket, smooth surfaces without adhesion and other waterproofing agents. Farofa-type subfloors with low water/cement factor. Additives and waterproofing products of other brands.
  • What types of construction projects or applications is the powder additive suitable for?
    Beams, ballasts, machined concrete, prestressed, reinforced and projected.
  • Are there any specific guidelines or recommendations for using the additive in different environments or structures (e.g., basements, foundations, swimming pools)?
    For application in swimming pools, it is recommended to use Rebotec Waterproofing on both the floor and the sides of the pool. To ensure optimal waterproofing, it is crucial to complement this use with a corner sealant that helps reinforce the joints and prevent any water leakage in these critical areas.
  • Is Rebotec Waterproofing suitable for use on basement concrete retaining walls and rafts?
    Yes, Rebotec Waterproofing can be applied to concrete retaining walls, but it's essential to understand this from an engineering perspective, rather than just waterproofing. When water is prevented from being absorbed by the wall, there is an accumulation of water weight against this structure. It's crucial to have proper drainage in place to ensure that the excess water does not exert pressure on the wall. That's our recommendation. However, if the structure was designed to bear significant load (which is generally the case with retaining walls), you only need to use Rebotec Waterproofing in the structure or plaster. This approach ensures that the wall remains protected against water while accommodating the engineering requirements for weight and pressure management.
  • Are there any special precautions or safety measures that need to be taken during the handling and application of the powder additive?
    When Adding REBOTEC Waterproofing: Temperature Requirements: Ensure the temperature of the concrete is above 4°C. Handling and Safety: Protective Gear: Always wear safety goggles and gloves for your protection. Storage: Keep the product in its original, unopened packaging. Safety Precautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals. If contact with the skin occurs and causes dryness, wash the area with plenty of running water. In case of ingestion, immediately consult a doctor. Additional Information: For more detailed safety guidelines, refer to the Chemical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • Does Rebotec Waterproofing pose any risks to human health or the environment?
    Rebotec Waterproofing does not pose any risks to human health or the environment.
  • Is Rebotec Waterproofing an aggregate?
    There are no changes to slump or resistance, so a specific concrete mix design for the inclusion of Rebotec Waterproofing is not necessary. You can add Rebotec Waterproofing as an aggregate, not as an additive.
  • Are there any regulatory approvals or certifications that the product has obtained regarding safety and environmental impact?
    Yes, the product has undergone a water potability test in accordance with the NBR ABNT 12170:2017 standard for waterproofing materials, which includes the determination of water potability after contact. Additionally, we have obtained the European Certification CE, confirming our compliance with EU safety, health, and environmental protection standards.
  • Suitability for Potable Water
    Rebotec Waterproofing is a non-toxic product, and we have conducted third-party potability tests to ensure its safety for use with potable water.
  • How widely available is the powder additive, and through what distribution channels can it be obtained?
    In the European territory, it can only be bought through us, the official distributor, Building Tech Solutions.
  • Do you offer technical support or assistance to contractors or construction professionals using the additive?
    We dont offer assistance during application but, we guide the customer if there are any doubts about the quantities, application and post-application.
  • How much Rebotec Waterproofing to use in a concrete Yield from a 10kg Bag?
    The yield depends on the concrete ratio. Our technical sheet specifies that for every 50kg of cement, 2kg of Rebotec (which is 4% of the cement weight) should be used. For a standard 4000 psi concrete mix in a mixing truck in Brazil (8 cubic yard), we recommend 9 bags of 10kg (90kg of Rebotec). Overall, you should check the total quantity, and 4% of Rebotec should be used for the mixture.
  • How does the performance of your Rebotec Waterproofing additive compare to traditional membrane-based waterproofing methods in terms of effectiveness and longevity?
    Waterproofing based on asphalt blanket and acrylic membrane lasts for 5 years, as they suffer degradation with bad weather. Waterproofing using Rebotec Waterproofing presents the durability of the concrete, as it is a mineral additive and does not suffer degradation from UV rays and weathering.
  • What advantages does Rebotec Waterproofing additive offer over competing products in the market?
    Rebotec Waterproofing is a powdered mineral aggregate that is insoluble in water. The molecules of Rebotec Waterproofing are dispersed in the pores and capillaries from the moment of their addition, through chemical interactions between the cement molecules and the molecules of Rebotec Waterproofing. It does not need a chemical reaction for the process of water-repelling the structure to take place. It reduces permeability by inhibiting corrosion of reinforcing steel and inhibits alkali aggregate reactions. While competing products are either organic, or they are water-soluble and require the presence of water during curing for crystals to be formed within the structure of the capillaries and pores of the concrete, through a chemical reaction.
  • Are there any potential cost savings or benefits associated with the long-term durability and maintenance of structures treated with your powder additive compared to membrane-based solutions?
    These are two different products. Rebotec Waterproofing is rigid (hard) used as an additive for a new concrete or cement base mass. Membrane base solutions are mostly flexible and have a lower lifespan. Both combined (rigid+flexible) is the ultimate waterproofing system.
  • How does the lifecycle cost of using your additive compare to traditional methods, taking into account factors such as maintenance, repair, and replacement?
    The life cycle of Rebotec waterproofing is the life of the concrete. It will depend on the quality and lifespan of the concrete.
  • Have you conducted any cost-benefit analyses or case studies that demonstrate the economic advantages of using your additive over the lifespan of a construction project?
    Since our product lifespan is as the concrete. The cost benefit is based on the quality of the concrete itself and the waterproofing system.
  • Can i download the MSDS?
  • Can i download the Technical Sheet
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